Company closed in 2020 - for Egotempo Ambidestro patents  write us:


Pontevecchio66 and other  Egotempo wristwatches are available at the jewelry Dante Cardini, on “Ponte Vecchio” in the heart of Florence



Dear customer, You can buy our   wristwatches  directly from the website Egotempo  but,  considering customers requests  interested to see our products, we are looking to create a small network of authorized and selected dealers worldwide.  The accuracy and craftsmanship of our products, we will never be able to produce large numbers of wristwatches, for this reason why will be a few stores that will expose Egotempo wristwatches.

Egotempo, Italian Art in watchmaking, manufactured by Italian Artisans.

If you are interested to become our dealer write an email to: