Company closed in 2020 - for Egotempo Ambidestro patents  write us:

As Egotempo begins


Passion in watchmaking is a bad habit in our family passed down from generation to generation. There was once my grandfather Giancarlo, great musician and really simple but talented man when it came to fix some complicated movements. In the early 60s, he liked very much to tell wonderful stories about watches especially to my father who was a little kid at that time. That kid was just staring at those tanned wheels biting each other until one day, probably exaggerating, made a promise to his father:

when I will become an adult I want to build a watch factory together with you!

That was probably one of the weirdest promise that a little kid could come up with to his own father! Even though my grandfather has passed away, that promise still lives alive in my father!      And while my family is busy with the wristwatches I dedicated myself to classical music; so the first model of the Egotempo takes shape, the name it is “Preludio” …




Egotempo had become reality exactly at the moment we had realised that in order to face the future we had to start from the past, working on the idea to turn a passion into a job. Willpower is the basis to achieve successfully your own goals!
In this way, Preludio had come to live. The first Egotempo timepiece.

Our selected consultants have made this project possible thanks to their skills.
Finishing details, the way that enamels are applied on a dial, these small things make the difference!

Our motivation is our proud for our Country. The entire world admires the quality of the Italian handmade. Willpower, commitment and creativity, this is Egotempo: “Italian Art in watchmaking”.



“Preludio” is the name that fits the most our first model designed and manufactured entire in Italy. Completely handcrafted and well-finished in every small detail by the hands of carefully selected Italian craftsmen. Nothing has left to chance, starting from the tools you will find in the kit. Skilled professionals have worked hard to make this possible. Straps, dials, cases, everything is skilfully handcrafted. This is our strength in the production process!
Every detail is carefully handcrafted. In Egotempo you will never find a “Preludio” alike! At this high manufacturing level, it is hard to distinguish Art from Profession!

Every single timepiece is numbered and supplied with all it needs to make it even more precious. The mechanic movement is the only component not produced in Italy but in a land well known for the mechanic precision in the art of horology: Switzerland.

Dial, case, box, kit, watch and all the accessories are designed and produced in Italy.



The people we would like to thank are many. Special thanks goes to all those people who have been giving us motivations, advices, information and loyal friendship during the whole process. Sharing a common passion means also share experiences and knowledge. Listening to others is essential for self-improvement.
Beyond rhetoric, some Florentine friends gave us the necessary motivation to realize Preludio. It is amazing to think that this timepiece is born from the friendly synergy between to wonderful cities like Bologna and Florence! When designing our first model Preludio, we, Egotempo, have had in mind those people who look at the mechanic watch for its beauty without forgetting precision and practicality.