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PONTEVECCHIO66 (Limited Edition)

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The reason why we have thought of the name PONTEVECCHIO66

The flood that hit Florence on 4th of November in 1966 is remembered as one of the most tragic events that have struck the city. The Arno River had never worried Florentines before because there was no reason to as the plates related to previous floods told.

But in 1966 people stopped to work and, with the help of volunteers and experts, immediately began to refurbish the city and all the economic activities.

In those days among all the artworks hit by the flood, one stood untouched: the Florentines’ sarcasm.

Some of the damaged trattorias posted boards showing some sarcastic text like “todays specialty is humid”. It is worth to remember some other boards posting “incredible discounts, prices under water level!”, “we sell unshrinkable fabric, already wet!”.

Thanks to the prompt answer of the people to the problem, Florence managed to get operational again in a few weeks as much as it needed to decor the city center for the imminent Christmas celebrations.

People of Florence managed to rise once again responding with proud to the devastating flooding wave.

Even Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), the symbol of the city, managed to resist the force of the water that touched lightly the higher part of the balustrade where tourists are used to lean out.

Egotempo, 50 years after this tragic event, wants to make a tribute to the city of Florence and its wonderful people. In this 50th flood’s anniversary we would like to introduce the Pontevecchio66 model.

A watch produced in limited series of just 50 numbered pieces. This Limited edition is dedicated to Florence and its inhabitants who, along with Ponte Vecchio, responded promptly to the fury of the Arno River!

Pontevecchio66  is  now  available  for  you, this watch received approval and praise of Florence 2016 Committee

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Pontevecchio66, 50 watches in special series produced by Egotempo 50 years after the tragic flood of 1966

Model with a special bicolor dial, which reproduces on the lower side the turbid muggy waters of Arno River while on the upper side, the blue sky. It will be available, as an optional, a sober black dial having the same graphic features.

Comes in a special box for the Pontevecchio66 model of 2016.  The book  “The colors of the flood”   will part of the watch-set to mark the 50th Anniversary of the flood in Florence in 1966 (book published by AB Edizioni – Italy and pictures by Joe Blaustein).

There will never be made a box identical with this version of  Pontevecchio66, Limited Series by Egotempo, 50 pieces only now available for you…

Pontevecchio 66 received approval and praise of Florence 2016 Committee