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Green Nuanced Preludio

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The Italian watch  (orologio italiano)

Preludio is a watch entirely designed and produced in Italy by Egotempo. Only very able craftsmen have worked on this project, experts who possess unmatchable technical and creative skills.

The products will never be perfect and they will never perfectly look alike since they are not serial products. The slight imperfections due to handcrafted operations will make this Egotempo watch unique.

The packaging is completely handcrafted and made in Italy, accessories included. Only the owners of Egotempo watches are able to buy the accessories separately in our web-store.

Each Preludio watch of the special edition “orologio italiano” is identified by a coupled code system: a progressive alphanumeric code on the case-back and alphabetical descriptive code at 6 o’clock in-between the lugs. This set of codes makes the Company able to identify both the characteristics and the authenticity of your watch. The codifying systems adopted by Egotempo Srls will never be made public and they will only be used by the Company to make controls against either forgery or inappropriate use of the watch.

The Preludio watch project is born thanks to the synergy between capable Master craftsmen who have dedicated their entire lives to patiently learn the secrets of this work.

For this last reason we have proudly decided to mark the watch dial with the Preludio’s origin: OROLOGIO ITALIANO (Italian watch).

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When looking at the watch it is quite evident that the dial is the first thing that stands out. We have chosen a wide and bright dial which is easy to read. Its surface is obtained with a process that enhances both the colour and its shades.

Do not get surprised if under some light conditions the dial will turn into a different colour – either looking like a weave, rough like a rock or glittering like “stardust” (term known to the watch enthusiasts).

Because of this ability to change under different light conditions we have defined our dial as “starry”.

To us the dial is like a face and because of its importance Egotempo is proud to offer a little masterpiece realized by a really skilled Italian Master craftsman.

In order to add more value and make this piece even more unique two small gold plates have been applied on each dial. The one at 12 o’clock position shows the Egotempo logo whilst the one at 6 o’clock shows the annual progressive number of each watch.

The same progressive numeration is also shown both on the watch case and on the wooden box. For obvious reason the Preludio series “Orologio Italiano” is a limited edition, which we are able to produce only thanks to skilled consultants and craftsmen.

Egotempo has decided to produce a watch in Italy where it is possible to find skilled people who give that added value of creativity and ability still recognized all over the world.

As mentioned before, do not get surprised if the Preludio change under different light conditions – you will never get enough light to appreciate in full a dial of the “orologio italiano” collection…

Data Sheet

Weight 0.081 kg
Dimensions 33.5 x 18 x 5.5 cm
Cassa / Case

In acciaio, di forma rotonda, ha diametro 45mm corona esclusa e spessore 13mm.
Steel, rounded, diameter 45mm excluded crown, thickness 13mm.

Vetro / Glass

Vetro bombato minerale concavo, antiriflesso, appositamente progettato per questa modello.
Convex mineral, anti-reflective, specifically studied for this model.

Quadrante / Dial

Quadrante multistrato con placche in oro applicate e decorate a smalti (realizzazione artigianale).
Multilayer with applied gold plates and enamelled (handcrafted).

Movimento / Movement

Movimento eta 2824 modificato. Eliminazione funzione data e adeguamento altezze pignoni.
ETA 2824 modified. Date disc is removed by adjusting pinions height.

Impermeabilità / Impermeability

5 atmosfere.
5 ATM.

Numerazione / Numeration

La numerazione progressiva ed annuale dell’ orologio, da 001 a xxx, è presente su: quadrante, cassa e scatola in legno.
Progressive annual numeration from 001 to xxx is present on the following: dial, watch case, wooden box.